“The onboarding process with Design House was very easy. I can’t say enough about the team. They have been very open to suggestions and are always very responsive to concerns.”

Brian Downing, Pricing Director, Hansen's

1. Challenge


During COVID-19 disruptions to manufacturing and distribution, Hansen’s IGA was forced to cut out print advertising.

2. Solution


The Independent Grocers Alliance introduced the Hansen’s team to Ideal™, a leading-edge platform that integrates dynamic digital circulars with an intelligent, omni-channel distribution system.

Grocers often hesitate to move away from print circulars because of the processes already in place for their buyers, merchandisers and CPG partners.

With Ideal, grocers keep their current processes and continue using print circulars. They’re simply switching the distribution system.

3. Results


Hansen’s Pricing Director, Brian Downing, said, “In October 2020, we began working with Design House’s Ideal, digital circular plus distribution platform. Even with the additional cost for the digital media ad buy, we are saving approximately 25% in total advertising costs.”

Ideal’s AI Media Learning allows hyperlocal, store-specific branding and content. The AI is always optimizing for the lowest cost per visit—often resulting in less than $2/visit.

Hansen's IGA - 25% Savings Total Advertising Costs. Less than $2 per visit

Easy Digital Upgrades

The intuitive, user-friendly system includes a portal for self-service uploads.

Brian continues, “Having the autonomy to upload our own ads has been extremely helpful for us. We’re always pushing our deadlines up to the eleventh hour so we can get our ad just right. For example, if we get a hot buy on strawberries tomorrow, we can have that in our ad in minutes. Previously that would have been impossible to promote in a printed flyer.”