Ideal’s hyperlocal dynamic media integrated with Birdzi’s customer loyalty data allows shoppers to better connect with Strack & Van Til’s 22 stores

Cleveland, (September 14, 2023) – Ideal™ by Design House announces a new marketing concept to support Strack & Van Til’s 22 neighborhood stores with dynamic, digital circulars personalized to each customer’s purchase behavior. This one-of-a-kind process was developed in conjunction with Birdzi, provider of one-to-one personalization, advanced analytics and loyalty for Strack and Van Til, and other grocery retailers.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, which is the reason we’ve partnered with Ideal and Birdzi to make our circulars personalized and mobile friendly in providing customer-specific advertising,” says Michael Tyson, Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer at Strack & Van Til. “By integrating Birdzi’s rewards and loyalty program, shoppers get customized ‘for you pages,’ personalized digital coupons and member exclusives. Ideal makes it easier for customers to shop and save in-store, order online and pickup at curbside or get groceries delivered.”

Ideal’s digital platform enhances customer experience with impactful, educational content, including helpful recipes, video how-to’s, brand stories, QR codes with information about ingredients, shopping lists and more. Birdzi’s loyalty program leverages POS’s data, to allow Strack & Van Til to create a shopping experience, personalized for each customer. Design House’s Ideal product uses their patented process to deliver targeted content in an efficient manner that is simple to support.

“Strack & Van Til is consistently voted best in the region by loyal customers because they’re committed to delivering value every day on the finest quality groceries,” says Adam Zimmerman, Co-Founder at Ideal. “By integrating Birdzi Loyalty and Ideal digital services, they have the ability to deliver “One to One” circulars and promotional messages to their customers. This combined platform provides Strack & Van Til advanced analytics to measure store traffic driven from their loyalty program and circular distribution not available in any other application.”

To learn more about the leading-edge solution from Ideal and Birdzi to support Strack & Van Til’s neighborhood stores, email Contact@DesignHouse.Design.

About Strack & Van Til
At the heart of every great community is a great neighborhood grocer. Since 1960 Strack & Van Til has been serving the neighborhoods of Northwest Indiana and Chicago with a friendly smile, helpful service and the finest quality groceries, perishables and freshly prepared foods available. Its goal is to deliver nothing short of complete satisfaction every time a customer comes to visit. Strack & Van Til now operates more than 20 stores across the region under the Strack & Van Til brand and a Town and Country in Valparaiso. Learn more at

About Birdzi
Birdzi is an innovative provider of end-to-end personalized digital customer engagement solutions for grocery retailers. Its platform helps regional retailers leapfrog their largest competitors by driving contextually relevant engagement across every touchpoint, inside and outside the store. Birdzi's AI-powered personalization platform delivers real-time, personalized offers to individual shoppers to grow basket size, increase the frequency of shopping trips, and improve customer retention. Birdzi's solutions are used in hundreds of grocery stores, driving millions of relevant offers to consumers each month. For more information, visit: