Already IGA and Ideal have one of the largest media properties in the United States, and we have proven that brand and shopper marketing teams at big brands want to invest in our stores.

John Ross, President and CEO of IGA

Ideal™ by Design House announces a marketing agreement with the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) to provide an industry-first on-platform and off-platform retail media network specially designed for independent retailers. This new CPG-funded network is not limited to the IGA family of stores, it’s available to all independent retailers at no cost.

The Ideal™ revolutionary retail media network will combine thousands of stores on a single retail media platform, rivaling any other national retailer. Combined, independent grocers’ collected media weight will make the Ideal™ Retail Media Network one of the most efficient media buys in all of retail.

“When brands go to invest their media dollars, there is no reason for independent retailers to be left out,” says John Ross, President and CEO of IGA. “Already IGA and Ideal have one of the largest media properties in the United States, and we have proven that brand and shopper marketing teams at big brands want to invest in our stores. The Ideal™ network takes it to a whole new level, combining the negotiating power of thousands more independents to challenge anything national grocery chains offer.”

Ideal™’s retail media network offers on-platform and off-platform ad placements. CPG manufacturers’ ads are co-branded with consumers’ favorite neighborhood stores, leveraging shoppers’ loyalty across multiple retailers. CPGs get advanced measurement capabilities and reporting on in-store traffic, return on ad spend (ROAS), basket size, category growth, etc.

The omni-channel distribution system is more than just offers. Using the best of digital media technology, Ideal™ integrates savings, informational videos, sweepstakes, recipes, nutritional tips, and more to lift grocery shopper engagement, store traffic, and sales.

“Ideal™ helps CPGs focus on their target retail audiences with off-site, co-branded programmatic display campaigns, while driving traffic to rich on-platform content within branded local digital circulars,” said Adam Zimmerman, Partner, and SVP at Ideal™. “Consumers are always looking to be smarter about the food they buy for their family. This technology allows us to serve their needs at all stages of the shopper journey by integrating rich media and promotions into a single mobile platform. And best of all, both CPGs and retailers see the results with detailed analytics, following the customer journey from initial impression through in-store transactions.”

CPGs can choose a target audience across multiple retailers on the robust advertising platform. Co-branded ads attract shoppers to the media-rich digital circulars, which drives traffic to the stores. Ideal™ measures traffic from first impression all the way to the in-store purchase, giving CPGs visibility of the entire ecosystem.

To learn more about the new agreement with IGA and Ideal™, Email: contact@DesignHouse.Design.

About IGA

The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) is the world’s largest voluntary supermarket network with aggregate worldwide retail sales of more than $40 billion per year. The Alliance includes over 6,000 Hometown Proud supermarkets worldwide, supported by dozens of distribution centers and major manufacturers, vendors and suppliers encompassing everything from grocery to equipment items. IGA has stores in 43 of the United States and more than 30 countries, commonwealths, and territories. For more information about IGA, visit the IGA consumer website at, or the business site at

About Ideal™ by Design House

Ideal™ by Design House is revolutionizing the digital circular industry by elevating customer experience for grocers and retailers. Our leading-edge Ideal™ platform integrates dynamic digital circulars with an intelligent, omni-channel distribution system that engages retailers’ customers and their competitors’ customers. Advanced analytics measure store traffic driven from the circular and computes cost per visit to accurately demonstrate ROI on retailers’ marketing programs. Ideal’s marketplace tool enables an immersive retail media network and data-driven CPG investment in the digital circular platform. Learn more at DesignHouse.DesignLinkedIn and Facebook.