100+ retailers are already boosting shopper experience and engagement with “just for me” coupons, instantly redeemable on the Ideal marketing platform

New York City (February 24, 2023) – AppCard, the leading data-driven personalization engine and digital coupons platform provider for independent grocers, announces a new partnership with Ideal™ by DesignHouse. The new AppCard integration allows shoppers to clip coupons while browsing the grocer’s digital circular powered by Ideal without opening a separate app or webpage. In addition, shoppers can enroll in the grocer’s AppCard-powered rewards and loyalty program directly from Ideal’s marketing platform.

“Our new partnership helps independent grocers stay ahead of the competition with Ideal’s dynamic, digital circular and our intelligent customer loyalty program,” said Yair Goldfinger, AppCard’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Already, more than 100 retailers are curating a more intuitive shopper experience by giving shoppers the ability to see coupons and clip them all in the same place. The AppCard-powered coupons are built on a proprietary AI and machine learning algorithm. We integrate shoppers’ purchase history, loyalty data and unique buying cycles to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.”

With Ideal’s revolutionary digital circular and omni-channel distribution system, grocers reach target audiences within the retailers’ geographic range. The marketing platform spotlights videos, recipes, shopping lists, translations, sharing capabilities, behind-the-scenes storytelling and more. The hyperlocal, dynamic media allow shoppers to better connect and take advantage of promotions, enhancing customer experience.

“Through our technology integration with AppCard, grocers serve up ‘just for me,’ highly personalized deals and coupons within the Ideal digital circular,” said Adam Zimmerman, Co-Founder of Ideal by Design House. “These customized recommendations allow retailers to communicate with shoppers on a one-to-one basis, increasing customer satisfaction and earning true loyalty. Grocers benefit from preventing churn, bringing back customers and creating time-restricted offers that speed up slow days and hours.”

“This new solution from AppCard and Ideal puts our independent retailers at a level playing field with big-box stores,” said Nick Carlino, EVP of Sales & Merchandising at MDI. “We’re offering relevant coupons and incentives that encourage a specific behavior and make our customers feel valued. Best of all, the advanced analytics allow us to measure store traffic driven from the circular and computes cost per visit to accurately demonstrate the return on investment on each store’s marketing programs.”

To learn more about the new agreement with AppCard and Ideal by Design House, email Grocery@AppCard.com or Contact@DesignHouse.Design.

About AppCard

AppCard is the leading data-driven, marketing personalization, shopper analytics, loyalty, and digital coupons provider to independent groceries. Using machine learning and AI, AppCard’s premise is the ability to make data actionable and deliver the right offer to the right shopper at the right time. AppCard processes more than one billion transactions annually and reach over tens of millions of US households. For more information, visit www.appcard.com.

About Ideal™ by Design House

Ideal™ by Design House is revolutionizing the digital circular industry by elevating customer experience for grocers and retailers. Our leading-edge Ideal™ platform integrates dynamic digital circulars with an intelligent, omni-channel distribution system that engages retailers’ customers and their competitors’ customers. Advanced analytics measure store traffic driven from the circular and computes cost per visit to accurately demonstrate ROI on retailers’ marketing programs. Ideal’s marketplace tool enables an immersive retail media network and data-driven CPG investment in the digital circular platform. Learn more at DesignHouse.Design, LinkedIn and Facebook.